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Price: $99.99 - $84.93

Master liquid Maker 92 is swiveling its way into cases and onto motherboards of all sizes. Its compact frame combines the radiator, pump, and dual fans into a single all-in-one unit. It fits easily and snugly over the CPU, sending liquid and Air cooling to the CPU and surrounding components. Don’t let size Define the strength of your PC.¬†Switch and swivel – choose between vertical and horizontal cooler configurations for space and Air flow
Liquid and Air – single tower utilizes superior AIO liquid cooling with Dual fans for area cooling
Compact body – merged pump and radiator in one easily installed unit brings liquid cooling to tighter layouts
Quiet efficiency – MasterFan Pro fans monitor CPU loads and spin only when needed
Clean cabling – multiple fan cables Plug into a cable hub, reducing messy wiring

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